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Instagram’s API is such a hassle these days

February 10, 2019

Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram has never bothered me until recently. Why you ask? Because they deprecated Instagram’s developer-friendly API and are slowly strong-arming developers into using Facebook’s API for Instagram embeds that would normally take seconds using Instagram’s API. Now we have to go through extra steps and use Facebook business accounts.

In the meantime, I’m trying to avoid using Facebook’s Brobdingnagian(unnecessarily gigantic) API. I’m testing some third party solutions. I’m using this blog post as a live test to see how long my authentication token lasts for instaembedder.com to see if it’s viable for use in some of my websites.


Edit: Found out this trashy embed only links to their website’s post sorter (all clicks lead to instaembedder.com domain and not the official instagram.com domain, also their post images are currently broken 2/11/2019) This is unusable for production.


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