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Global Game Jam 2019 & Friendtrip

February 7, 2019

I participated in Global Game Jam again. I know I said I was going to use Java but I caved last minute and fell back to my comfortable friend, C#.

My best friend Michael, our friend Ryan, and a new friend named Josh made a simple item finding/item-solves-puzzle game. The theme was “What does home mean to you?”. We almost unanimously interpreted it in a way that was closely tied to family and friends so we made a game with friendship being the central theme.

Josh drove up to Portland from Salem in order to gain some hands-on experience making games with us. I was happy to bring him on to our team and give him the opportunity. We had been discussing game development for a few months ever since he reached out to me on LinkedIn as a fellow UAT alumni in Oregon.

Our artist, Ryan, was a friend we met at last year’s GGJ event, held at The Art Institute of Portland. It was great working with him. We even got to reunite with our kick-ass character animator from last year, Merlin. (yes, that’s his real name)

All and all, another great year at Global Game Jam. Special thanks go out to PIG Squad (Portland Indie Games Squad) for organizing the jam site and event. They rock!


You can find the game on my here:

And on the official GGJ 2019 website:

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