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Slowly but Surely, I’m Learning Vue.js

January 11, 2019

I’ve been doing these introduction exercises in Vue.js following this genius little guide by fullstack.io:

“30 Days of Vue” A free introduction to Vue in 30 bite-size morsels

You know what I enjoy? Learning every day in meaningful chunks. It sure beats staring at the Getting Started page and a hierarchy of 20 or so categories, each with 5-7 sub items of documentation and trying to discern the strengths, workflow and true meaning of a library or framework. These “bite-size morsels” are fantastic! Not only am I learning by doing, but each “morsel” contributes an important piece of knowledge or two without overwhelming. They’re also the perfect length. You could do the exercise/read the lesson in 5-15 minutes, without needing to sit down and block out and hour or hours of your day, so doing one every day is actually feasible and I don’t put off doing it begrudgingly like I would if I had to read some stale documentation and hyper-analyze it for the gist.

So yea, I highly recommend this for anyone interested in learning Vue. I also highly recommend this format. I mean, even blog tutorials are getting long and boring these days. If I make any tutorials, you can be sure I’m presenting them in charming “bite sized morsels”.

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