Ready Player One

January 2, 2018

I just finished reading the novel “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline; literally less than 3 minutes ago.

I had already been thinking about what I wanted to say when I finished reading it while I was halfway through, days earlier. Here’s what I think:




“A love letter to everything that is geeky or nerdy; as well as a warning about the dangers of self-imposed isolation. Ready Player One takes you on a journey that perfectly sums up what it feels like to grow up being different and unable to connect with the world around you in the mainstream way. To put it simply: This book gets me! A great work of art that rings true; echoing deep, on an emotional level with anyone who has spent a considerable amount of their life getting lost in movies, video games, books (comic or otherwise) to escape how uncomfortable reality is.” -Aim Diab, 2018



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